Back links also called as inbound links is a kind of technique we all use to gain some links connecting back to your website. After all it is said and believed that back links will continue to survive till the concept of a search engine comes to an end. Given below are some of the techniques one could use to gain a back link towards their own site.

  • Guest Blogging: One of the best ways to begin with back links is through guest blogging. Guest blogging here is a method where you write a content or a article for free and give it to the other site gaining links that would connect them to your site. The major advantage here is that you receive a link from a relevant website where the the readers would not just read your content but would also prefer to click and get connected to your site. And in order to do this one needs to look for some relevant sites and post content that is related to the business you are doing. Sites like would seem to be of a great help.

  • Blog Commenting: Another best way of generating traffic or gaining links to your site. And to do this one needs to just make comments on the post that are relevant to your site. The Google blog search is the best example to do this. Make sure that the comments will be made based on the post. Doing comments that are not relevant to the post would not be of any help to your site.

  • Having a good and a unique content to your site: Having a unique content is another best way of generating links to a particular site, and making some one pick your post from the ones that are already there is not a easy job. So make sure you provide them with a good title, with some relevant description and a better conclusion. And the last but not the least make sure that content is more than 500 words. Having a content that is less than 500 words would not be of any use.

  • Be Physically present at the social networking sites: Social networking sites are one of the best ways of generating traffic and links to a particular website. The content that is simple and easily understood are the ones that are easily shared among the others. So in order to gain benefits from the social networking sites make sure that you are physically present providing the visitors with some relevant information.

  • Book Marking: Book marking is another best ways of getting links to your site. Its just that you need to book mark every piece of content and promote it among the best book marking sites. Some of the examples here could be are Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddifeye and many more.

Instead of using techniques and strategies that you are not able to understand, it is always better to choose options like these. So what is your opinion about these, Do share your views with us.

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