Facebook like all the social networking sites has gained importance in such a way that there are more than 845 million users who have an access to facebook today, and have started being used in every field of business today. And as face book has come up with the timeline update given below are some of the tips one needs to remember while dealing with the Facebook Timeline Page.

  • As facebook time line has been launched make use of it in all the best ways that you can. Do not waste time when the opportunities are right at your door step and behaving like you were not aware of it. So grab the opportunities and make use of it as much as you can.

  • The cover page is one of the best advantage for all the business men to get in touch with their customers online. So make sure that you have different timeline covers all the time, related to your industry, creating a kind of experience and inspiration for your marketing industry.

  • Since the timeline page has been introduced, there are certain guidelines one needs to follow while marketing their products in the online world. So make sure you follow each and every guidelines of the timeline that says using a simple language to grab the attention of your clients, uploading images that are related to your industry giving them all that they need.

  • Make use of the applications that would help you get more number of fans for every activity that you are doing. Provide them with different URLs so that the people from out side could easily connect to your fan page at a great ease and without any difficulty.

  • Create a platform where your fans could easily respond back to the post when they feel like to. Communication is one of the best ways of attracting more number of clients maintaining a stronger relationship.

  • While uploading images either for a profile, album or a cover page make sure you are aware of the image size that is needed. Once you are aware of it you need to have to worry about it. So make sure that you are aware of the image size before you are uploading it.

Facebook is one of the best ways of having your business online. Its just that you need to be aware of how each and every technique here works out. So what are your techniques when it comes to face book. Are you ready to work with it. Do share your views with us.  

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