Marketing as we all know is a field of satisfying your clients and customers with all that they need. The customers satisfaction is what that plays an important role here.  As the days pass through marketing today has been seen a tool filled with new techniques and strategies that has not just increased the demands of the consumers but has increased their needs and requirements. The importance of marketing depends on the following factors and thet are explained as follows.

Developing the concept of Utility: Utility has played an important in the field of marketing by having and occupying its central position in the economy. Informational, Image, Time, Place utility and many more have played an important role here. 

Satisfaction of Your Customers: Marketing is said to be successful only when it satisfies your clients and customers with all their needs and requirements. So while getting out the products in the market, the marketers must make sure that their products are attractive,and are accepted by their custoners so that it satisfies with their needs. 
Sell: Marketing is not just of selling and getting out your products and services but it is a process that includes the most important factors of marketing. The factors here are advertising, branding, promoting, public relations and many more.

Effects the Business Organization: What ever activity is done in the organization it does have a major impact on the organization, on the planning and the last but not the least on the techniques and strategies that they are adopted to.  When the activities in the organization begin to enlarge they are then divided into departments like sales department, accounts department and others.

Supply: Supply is the most important concept when it comes to marketing. The marketing demands, the marketing goods and the others important factors that keeps us ahead of the competitors reminds us that  only the products that are supplied on time and satifies the customers with their needs and requirements will survive in the business market. 

An Article By New Gen Marketing Hero Stanley Rao

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