Twitter jail could be a real term, however as ominous because it sounds, isn’t extremely that severe of a penalization. It’s merely a typical thanks to check with a user agency has surpassed the bounds for tweeting and is prohibited from posting for one or two of hours.

These limits ar one hundred messages in one hour, or one thousand tweets during a day (including retweets).Additionally, if you send quite 250 DMs throughout one day’s time, you may not be allowed to send a lot of for the remainder of the day.If you’re sent to Twitter jail, there's not abundant you'll do except wait. as luck would have it, the term of your sentence is just one or 2 hours, once which era you may be ready to Tweet usually once more. One strategy you'll use if you can’t wait and need to bypass Twitter jail is to make and use another Twitter account.

There is no got to introduce you to Twitter. consistent with there square measure over three hundred million Twitter users as of 2011 and little question that may take care to solely increase within the returning years. half all registered Twitter users tweet out messages on an everyday basis which is perhaps why Twitter has been celebrated to crash on many occasions, particularly once the most recent buzz has been discovered to the general public. for instance, once Beyonce proclaimed to the globe that she was expecting her initial kid throughout the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards she stone-broke a twitter record causing twitter users into a delirium. or so 8,868 tweets were sent out per second. Twitter was at associate degree overload.

Thinking about these limits, though, many folks respond with skepticism: however might somebody presumably tweet that a lot of? though it definitely isn’t much of a risk for many Twitter users, there ar sure occasions wherever these Twitter limits inherit play. throughout major breaking news, for instance, some folks tend to tweet with high frequency as a story develops. Others prefer to participate in twitter chats, wherever a gaggle of users have interaction in a casual question and answer session all sorted around a specific hash tag. Throughout these rapid-fire discussions, some folks approach the hourly limit while not even realizing it.

So why will Twitter impose these limits, then? For one, they assist lighten the load on Twitter’s servers, and hamper on time period and error messages. additionally, Twitter limits facilitate combat the spammers United Nations agency transport mass amounts of tweets victimization machine-controlled software system programs.

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