Writing an article is something that has to be done with a great interest and not something that is done by force. And to write an article that is good and interesting one needs to understand that an article is something that is written for various purposes and should be written in such a way that it is directly published and not rejected. Given below are some of the major tips to write a good article be it for a newspaper, magazine or a website.

  • Article that is being written has to be precise enough in other words it has to be to the point, easily understood and not boring. If your article is not interesting to the readers and is found distracting, then they would just prefer to avoid reading your post and would prefer reading some other post.

  • Make sure that you use small sentences. Sentences that are long would not just distract the readers but would also not help them in understanding the post that you have written. Long sentences would make your readers get confused, feel boring, and i am sure that they would prefer to avoid reading your article unless you are a celebrity or a person who is well known in the world.

  • Make sure that you avoid using sentences that are incomplete,incomplete sentences might be good for a newspaper or a magazine but it would create a kind of negative impact when it comes to the content written for a website. Each and every sentence that is written should be completed, as they help the readers understand what the post or the blog is all about. So as a writer make sure you use complete sentence.

  • As times have changed every people have started adopting different techniques and strategies to write an article to stay ahead of their competitors. So it is not necessary that you need to stick to the same old and formal way of writing an article. Doing this would make the article seem more interesting and not something that is boring.

  • Make use of some Idioms and Quotations so that your post is easily remembered by people who are around you. In other words present it in such a way that people share and interact about it with others. Doing this will ensure that the readers have read the post and have found it to be interesting.

These tips can be applied for various aspects of writing not just something that is applied to content or post written for a website. So what are your tips for writing an article. Do share your thoughts with us.

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