Google plus as we all know was started within a shorter period of time as a competitor of Facebook. Yes it was started as a tool that was a mixture of the services that we already use. And since Google is the one to rule the search engines people have began using Google plus as the most important marketing tool for all the businesses that they are dealing with today. Given below are some of the strategies one could use in Google plus marketing.

  • Have a strong profile: your entire marketing process starts only when you have a Google plus profile which is updated on regular basis. Like the other social networking sites the profile is the most important thing that plays a role here. Provide your clients with all the information that they need like introducing your self, the link to your Facebook account, twitter account and many more. Doing this would not just make others add you to their circles but would also refer you to the others.

  • Add images relevant to the task you are doing: In marketing it is very important that you provide your readers with the exact information that they need. Even while it comes to images. The reason behind this is it would not just make you visible in the search engine would also make sure that you get attention of the market audience for your products and services.

  • Make sure that your profile is visible to the others: once your profile is updated and is provided with all the necessary links make sure that the profile is visible to all. Once your profile is updated and you click the hit button , the last update of yours becomes visible in the search engine. So make sure you have chosen the correct option.

  • Upload videos and images in your profile: Uploading a video or an image would make others know what the marketing is all about and what are the advantages one could gain from it. And when it comes to SEO, the chances of your page rank goes higher when you have uploaded a video related to the business your doing.

  • Make use of the comments, likes and sharing options in Google plus: Social media is considered to be good only when you are able to gain the trust of the market audience building a stronger relationship. Commenting on the posts of others would not just help others to know you but would also help would also help you generating ideas in what ever you are doing.

These strategies just do not end here. There is a long way to go..After all marketing is all about bring out changes and giving the clients all that they need. What are the strategies you would use in Google plus marketing. And how did it help you. Do share your ideas and thoughts with us.
10/9/2012 05:46:33

I really appreciate your work especially the research part of it which made the whole point very easy to understand.


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